Ionic Spa Shower Head - Water Saving Cleansing Mineral Spa Shower Head

Ionic Spa Shower Head - Water Saving Cleansing Mineral Spa Shower Head

Ionic Spa Shower Head, is an innovative beauty and health product. It featured with purify filters,b mineral balls, negative ion balls able to removes 99% of the chlorine toxins from water and better for healthier look of your hair and skin.

How Does The ION Shower Head Work?

Water passing through the shower heads becomes softer due to Far Infrared effect, which breaks down water clusters. Smaller water clusters can easily enter pores and remove dirt while moisturizing the skin more effectively. In addition, water passing through the balls is ionized and the harmful effect of substances, such as residual chlorine, is reduced.

Improves natural moisturizing factor of the skin

Water with smaller molecules is more readily absorbed by the skin, thereby increasing your skin & moisture content. The increased moisture content keeps the skin looking radiant and smooth.

Improved cleansing effect and hair loss prevention

Negative ionic shower heads activate the water to effectively wash away oil that clogs up the hair follicles and suffocates the hair.

Water saving

Shower head has tiny water holes and special structure of shower head to reach water-saving effect. At the same time, easily operation and maintain, easily dismantling and cleaning. Benefits:

1. Cleanses, exfoliates and massages. 2. Promote healthier and smoother hair & skin. 3. Prevents hair loss and Reduces chlorine-caused dandruff. 4. Deodorises and cleanses shower water 5. Good for sensitive skins. 6. Save up to 40% water. 7. Water pressure up to 4 times stronger. 8. No professional installation required, universal shower head fit. 9. Make your shower feels more enjoyable.

Item specifications:

 Material: Polycarbonate handle and Stainless steel Panel  Net Weight: 0.3KG  High technology plating.  Quantity: 1 Pieces (Not included hose or holder)  Size: 8 cm shower head, 25 cm long  Filter water and anion spa.

How to Order?

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Ionic Spa Shower Head

Relax at home as in a luxury spa center! Powerful functions of handheld shower head set stands out with high quality construction, anti-clog and anti-leak design, modern looking and contemporary style.You will enjoy solid performance and Lifetime Warranty. There is a small part acted on pulsating massage function in the shower head. It makes a sound and makes the water to shoot out rhythmically, gets your blood flowing and makes you possess pulse massage felling. What makes multifunctional removable shower head so great and popular?